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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Building with flowers  200 Union Street SE,
  4-174 Keller Hall
  Minneapolis, MN 55455-0170
  Phone: 612-625-3300

Welcome from Department Head David J. Lilja
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is committed
to educating the
 future work force and to conducting research with
collaborators from industry and government.


Faculty and Other Job Openings



MnDRIVE Team works to improve the delivery of more
reliable, inexpensive energy to rural and industrial areas

Sairaj Dhople



  A recent story published in the U of MN blog "Inquiry"
  includes comments from MnDrive Team members
  Prof. Peter Seiler (Aerospace Engineering and
  Mechanics) and Assistant Professor Sairaj Dhople
  (left) (Electrical and Computer Engineering). Dhople,
  the group's solar expert, is researching small-scale
  energy distributions systems that may someday
  replace the existing large-scale power stations.

  For more go to

U of MN Bridges and IEEE-SIGHT conduct workshop for students and
community members

Jinotega Nicarauga group

Karel Kalthoff WIE President



  Karel Kalthoff (left) (Computer Science,
  2016) and WIE President) and Fernando
  Mirafuentes (Chemistry 2014, and IE alum),
  along with Elliot Cayasso (EE 2014,
  National Engineering University of Nicar-
  agua) delivered the three day U of MN
  Bridges/IEEE-SIGHT workshop for a group
  of 30 students and community members
  in Jinotega, Nicaragua, October 2-4.
  ( Prof. Paul Imbertson, Advisor) Imbertson
  is in a blue shirt in the center of the group
  photo above.) For more, visit the Facebook
  page: IEEE Seccion Nicaragua

NSF Workshop on electric power and energy systems
welcomes more thn 175 attendees

2014 NSF Power Energy systems Workshop
"Reforming Electric Energy Systems Curriculum" held Oct. 4-5 at the University of Minnesota sponsored by National Science Foundation welcomed more than 175 attendees. Workshop chair Prof.Ned Mohan introduced presenters from Office of Naval Research, Minnesota Power, Cummins, NASA Glenn Research Center, SolarBridge Technologies, Purdue University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, Department of Energy, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and International Rectifier. The workshop also included a poster session and lab demonstrations.

Treating Brain Disorders through Wearable Technology

 Flexible circuit - 300 Researchers are
 integrating printed
 flexible electronics, 
 like this one, into
 patches that can
 automate treatments
 for brain disorders
 like tinnitus.

Chris Kim 2013

 Prof. Chris Kim







  A MnDRIVE (Minnesota’s Discovery, Research
  and InnoVationEconomy), team of researchers
  at the University of Minnesota has its sights
  set on treating the symptoms of tinnitus, a
  neurological disorders —without the need for
  surgery. These MnDrive experts, ranging from
  computer engineers to apparel designers,
  are working to develop thin, wearable
  electronics that attach to the skin and deliver
  low electric currents to specific regions of
  the brain and decrease symptoms of brain

  Principle Investigator for the project Prof. Chris
  Kim says,"Through this unique interdisci-
  plinary collaboration, we are exploring ways
  to target areas of the brain for treatment that is
  noninvasive. We are really just beginning to
  understand the possibilities this form of
  treatment holds for patients suffering from
  debilitating brain disorders.

  For more, go to:



Dr. Morris Collen (EE’35), pioneer in medical computing, dies

Alumnus Dr. Morris Collen (EE’35) died in September, 2014,
at his home in Walnut Creek, Calif.

Dr. Collen pioneered the use of computers to improve medical care
and published a book in 1995 titled “A History of Medical Informatics
in the United States, 1950-1990.” Prior to his death he had just
completed an updated version of the book to include the additional
history of medical informatics from 1990 to 2010.

In addition, Dr. Collen was an original founder of the Kaiser Medical
Group, now Kaiser Permanente Medical Group. He worked part time
at the Kaiser Division of Research until his death.

In 1935, after graduating with a Bachelor in Electronic Engineering
from the University of Minnesota, he went on to study medicine at
the University and graduated in 1938. He did his residency at
USC/Los Angeles County General Hospital and in 1942 he met
Dr. Sidney Garfield. Drs. Garfield and Collen worked together to
provide care for the Henry J. Kaiser shipyard workers of Richmond.

In 1948, along with five other physicians, Garfield and Collen founded
the Kaiser medical group.

Dr. Collen served as chief of medical services from 1942-1952 at
Kaiser’s Oakland Hospital and as medical director until 1953. He
then became the physician-in-chief at Kaiser’s San Francisco
Hospital until 1961.

Alumnus Ted Brekken (Ph.D. '05) received OSU College of
Engineering Teaching Award

Ted Brekken larger  Prof. Ted Brekken (Ph.D. ’05) received the Oregon
  State University, College of Engineering (COE)
  Loyd Carter Award. This award is voted on by all
  COE students. This past year, Brekken “flipped”
  all his classes using the Power engineering
  curriculum and materials created by Prof. Ned
  Mohan. (Prof. Ned Mohan, former advisor)



News Archives

CSE SHOP: Now Offering 3-D Printing
The CSE Shop designs, fabricates, welds, and repairs prototypes
and scientific research equipment. The shop also provides 3D printing
services, Customers can visit the shop or send drawings for estimates

THE CSE SHOP has two locations: Tate Lab, Physics Room 30 and
Mechanical Engineering , Room 2-134.

More information about the CSE Shop equipment, 3D printer, hourly rates,
and exmaples of shop work cab be found at the CSE SHOP Web Site

University of Minnesota CSE Machine Shop, Physics
116 Church Street SE, Room 30,
Minneapolis, MN 55455.
Jon Kilgore - Managing Research Engineer - kilgo001 at - (612) 624-4328
Ron Bystrom -Shop Foreman - email bystrom002 at, - (612) 624-7048
Fax (612) 624-4578

University of Minnesota CSE Shop, ME
111Church St SE, Room 2-134 ME
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Mike Jensen - Managing Research Engineer - mjjensen at - (612)-625-2062
Bob Jones - Shop Foreman- jones018 at - (612) 625-0549




2014 Fall ECE Colloquium Schedule 

Past Colloquium presenters  
College of Science and Engineering
                  Fall 2014

Math & Science Family Fun Fair  
Date: Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014
Time: 10 a.m.–4 p.m.
Location: Coffman Memorial Union
Community Events of Note
Cyber Security Summit 2014
Oct. 21-22
Minneapolis, MN

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