• High-Field Two-Axis Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (DMS-880)
  • Low-Field Air Core Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
  • Torque Magnetometer
  • BH Hysteresis Loop Tester (Bacon)
  • Atomic, Magnetic Force Microscope, and Nanoindentor (Digital Instruments Nanoscope III)
  • Four Point Probe Magnetoresistance Tester
  • Optical Microscope (Olympia)
  • Interference Optical Microscope (Reikert)
  • Optical Ellipsometer (Rudolf)
  • Kerr Magneto-Optical Image Analyzer (Zeiss)
  • Kerr Magneto-Optical Magnetometer (Rigid Disk)
  • Transmission Electron Microscopes (Hitachi HU-11 & RCA 4C)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (International Scientific Instruments DS 130C)
  • Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer (Tencor)
  • Electron Mirror Microscope (General Mills)
  • Scanning Auger Electron Spectrometer (PE-495)
  • Varian Electron Beam Evaporator (4 sources)
  • RD Mathis RF Sputtering System (3 targets)
  • Perkin Elmer 2400-8SA RF Sputtering System (3 targets)
  • Temescal Load-Locked RF/DC Rotating Drum Sputtering System (3 targets)
  • Hewlett-Packard (CPA) Load-Locked RF/DC In-Line Sputtering System (5 chambers)
  • Hewlett-Parkard (Comtech) Load-Locked RF/DC In-Line Sputtering System (7 chambers)
  • Osaka Vacuum DC/RF Magnetron Single Station Facing Target Sputtering System
  • Dual Ion Beam (5 cm and 15 cm) Load-Locked Sputtering System (6 targets) (retrofitting)
  • Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) Load-Locked Co-Sputtering System (8 targets) (retrofitting)
  • DC/RF Magnetron Six Station Facing Target Sputtering System (design/construction)
  • Rotating Drum Tape Tester
  • Floppy Disk Tester (Media Logic)
  • Single Rigid Disk Recording Tester (PCT)
  • Single Rigid Disk Recording Tester (Guzik 501)
  • Rigid Disk Recording Tester, XY Compumotor Positioner, Professional Instruments 3R Blockhead Air Bearing Spindle
  • Rigid Disk Recording Tester, Laser interferometer, Piezeo-electric, Professional Instruments 3R Blockhead Air Bearing Spindle
  • Multiple-Wavelength Pecision Fly-Height Tester, Air Bearing Spindle (IBM )
  • HP 8753E RF Network Analyzer (30 kHz to 3 GHz)
  • HP 8150SX Microwave Network Analyzer (45 MHz to 26.5 GHz)
  • HP 4194 Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer (100 Hz to 40 MHz; L-I capability)
  • Cascade Microtech Coaxial Signal-Ground Probes (200 and 500 micron pitches)
  • XYZ Micropositioning Station
  • Precision Rigid Disk Stiction, Friction, and Wear Tester
  • Precision Burnisher (IBM)
  • Mechanical Surface Profilometer (Talysurf)

5-100 Gbits/in^2

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  1. Deposition Higher-Coercivity Lower-Noise Long/PerpThin Film Media (Judy, Sivertsen)
    • Ultra-thin film media by ultra-high vacuum (UHV), dual-ion-beam (DIB), & facing-target sputtering (FTS)
    • Ultra-thin wear-resistant tribo-materials such as CN, BC, TiCN films on media and thin film head sliders
    • Characterizion of nano-scale properties by TEM/EELS and roughness/hardness by AFM/Nano-Indentor
    • High-peformance sendust (AlFeSi) and cobalt-zirconium-niobium (CZN) keepered thin film media
    • Nano-lithographically-patterned thin film disk media & GMR magnetic random access memories (MRAM)
  2. Deposition High-Bs & High-Perm Films: Inductive, MR, GMR Heads (Judy, Sivertsen)
    • High-saturation magnetic flux-density multilayer thin films for inductive TF heads by UHV, DIB, FTS
    • High permeability, low-coercivity, high-sensitivity mulitlayer MR/GMR,/TMR films by UHV, DIB, FTS
    • High-thermal conductivity ultra-thin insulating (Al2O3) films for inductive TF/MR heads by FTS
    • Characterization of nano-scale properties by TEM/EELS &magnetic microstructures by MFM/LorentzTEM
    • Correlation of magnetic mircrostructures with detection sensitivity & domain stability of heads using MFM
  3. Micromagnetic Modeling of Multilayer Thin Film Media, Heads, & Memories (TBD)
    • Simulation of magnetic recording performance of multilayer thin film media at ultra-high areal densities
    • Simulation of noise/off-track performance of ultra-narrow track magnetic recording & track-edge overwrite
    • Calculation of signal, noise, signal-to-noise ratio, and bit-error-rate at ultra-high areal recording densities
    • Calculation of effects of multilayer-structured thin film media on noise, signal -to-noise ratio, bit-error-rate
    • Calculation of effects of grain orientation and shape distributions on noise, signal-to-noise ratio, and BER
    • Simulations of saturation of TF inductive write heads & domain stability of MR, DSMR, GMR read heads
    • Simulations of ultra-high-speed switching of TF media, TF inductive write, MR, DSMR, GMR read heads
    • Simulations of nano-lithographically-patterned thin film media & GMR magnetic random access memories
  4. Measurement & Analysis Recording/Noise at Ultra-High-Areal-Densities (TBD, Judy)
    • Ultra-narrow-track testing using air-bearing spindle with laser interferometer & piezoelectric-positioners
    • Recording characteristics using low-flying TF inductive write heads and MR, DSMR, GMR read heads
    • Signal output and noise and BER characteristics using ultra-narrow-track MR, DSMR, GMR read heads
    • Comparison of recording characteristics using "direct-contact" longitudinal and perpendicular TF heads
    • Correlation of magnetic microstructures with media noise and signal-to-noise using MFM & Lorentz TEM
    • Ultra-high speed switching characteristics of TF media & TF inductive write, MR/DSMR/GMR read heads
    • Thermal decay characteristics of ultra-thin film media & ultra-thin film MR/DSMR/GMR/TMR read heads
  5. Modeling & Evaluation Channel Bit-Error-Rates at Ultra-High-Areal-Densities (Moon)
    • Modeling & evaluation of bit-error-rates of partial response channels: (1,7) PR-4ML, EEPR-4ML
    • Analysis of medium noise correlation and impact on bit-error-rate (BER) performance
    • Testing channels with different types of noise using readback waveform simulator
    • Signal space implementation of FDTS/DF for low-cost and ultra-high-speed recording channels
    • Code designs to improve distance in FDTS/DF

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