1. Integrated MEMS/NEMS and Nano-Enabled Devices
Value added NEMS/MEMS solutions for mechanical, optical, thermal, wireless, bio, medical applications. Integrated RF MEMS passives, RF MEMS antennas, Optical MEMS devices, uncooled infrared detectors, CMOS integration with NEMS/MEMS microstructures. Integration of new nanostructures such as nanowire, CNT, nanoparticle, magnetic particles, DNA scaffold on microelectronics or microscale platform for functional control and interface.
S. Campbell, T. Cui, R. Drayton, H. Jacobs, J. Leger, D. Odde, S. Oh, D. Polla, B. Stadler, J. Talghader, E. Yoon
2. BioMEMS, Microfluidics, and Biosensors
Polymer NEMS/MEMS microdevices for bio-interface. Biomedical devices. Cell-microsystem interfaces. Microfluidic components including microvalves, micropumps, microchannels, etc. Understanding of liquid flows in micro and nano-size fluidic channels. Bio-photonics, bio-magnetics, and optical/electrical/magnetic biosensing. Various biosensors for DNA, protein, enzyme, pH, ion, chemical, pathogen, food, odor, environment and health monitoring, especially focused on all-electrical label-free detection.
T. Cui, H. Jacobs, S. Kumar, J. Leger, D. Odde, S. Oh, D. Polla, R. Rajamani, S. Saliterman, J. Talghader, E. Yoon
3. Flexible Electronics and Packaging
Disposable polymer circuits and low-cost plastic electronics using flexible substrates. Silicon chips embedded on polymer substrates. Flexible PCB. 3D stacking of multi-layer packaging. RF/microwave signal integrity in flexible 3D packages. Wearable electronics. Bio-compatible hermetic packaging for biomedical devices. Reliable low-cost NEMS/MEMS packaging. Hybrid packaging for SiP and SoP solutions. 3D packaging and integration techniques. Mixed technology (electrical and optical) packaging techniques. Isolation design techniques for planar and 3D design. NEMS/MEMS based packaging solution. Self-assembly packaging.
S. Campbell, T. Cui, R. Drayton, H. Jacobs, S. Kumar, E. Yoon
4. Wireless Sensor Networks
Distributed sensor deployment with wireless communications. Low-power implementation of network architectures. Adaptable and self-reconfigurable ad hoc networks. Low-power wireless solutions for implanted biomedical devices. Wireless communication through body networks. Wind, solar and vibration energy harvesting for wireless sensor nodes.
R. Harjani, C. Kim, R. Rajamani, W. Robbins, E. Yoon
5. Low-Power Mixed-Signal Design
Extremely low-power circuit design and chip implementation. Subthreshold analog and digital circuits. Energy recovery logic. Low-power RF CMOS circuit design. Low-noise instrumentation amplifiers. Low-power data converters. Variation-tolerant leakage-suppression circuits. Sensor peripheral and driving/readout circuits. Organic FET circuits. Efficient on-chip power conditioning circuits.
R. Harjani, C. Kim, E. Yoon

6. Micro Power Sources
Next-generation power generation. Energy-scavenging devices. Bio-energy harvesting cells. Micro fuel cells including DMFC, PEMFC, etc. Micro solar cells. Micro nuclear reactors. Micro electrothermal heat exchangers. Micro reformers, Micro combustors, Micro hydrogen incubators. Battery-less wireless actuation.
T. Cui, R. Rajamani, W. Robbins, E. Yoon