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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

We are one of the core engineering programs within the College of Science and Engineering
(CSE), the University of Minnesota's college of engineering, physical sciences, and mathematics.
CSE's academic departments and research centers in combination with the resources of a large,
comprehensive university, provide unparalleled opportunities for cross-disciplinary research and

The career potential in electrical and computer engineering remains excellent. Most ECE graduates
find positions immediately upon completion of their degree programs either in industry or academia.
The Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area is a thriving center of high technology, with numerous large
and small high technology firms, specializing in electronics, computers, telecommunications, magnetic
storage, and biomedical devices.

Median entry level salary for electrical engineers: $64,214

Median entry level salary for computer engineers (hardware related jobs): $66,103

Median entry level salary for computer engineers (software developers, systems software): $68,279

(Salary data from PayScale)

Students and faculty from the ECE department serve as key sources of scientific and engineering
talent, expertise, and innovative ideas for these and many other companies. Our ECE graduates
also have gone on to build successful entrepreneurial activities. 

• ECE Senior Design Show - the capstone design projects 
  created by seniors in the program.

• Imaging Skins - Optics microscopic cameras)

• Nanowires - Nanotechnology


Undergraduate Application Process

Click on the links below for admissions information. 

Freshmen students

Transfer students

International students

Financial Aid  

If you need more information, call or email Frances Wood, 612-625-4327

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Initially, all freshmen engineering and science students are admitted to the
College of Science and Engineering (CSE). Before being officially admitted
to a major, students may designate ECE as an intended major through
CSE Student Services. This will allow our department to communicate
directly with them. Typically, students admitted as Freshmen will apply
online to upper division in December of their sophomore year.
The requirements are as follows:
     • Complete Math 2373, Phys 1302, EE 2001
     • EE students also must complete EE 1301 and one of the following:
             EE 2011, EE 2301, or EE 2361.
     • CompE students must also complete CSci 1113 and one of the
             following: EE 2011, EE 2301, EE 2361, or CSci 1113.

Students in the Coordinate Campus CSE program at UMD or UMM are
considered for CSE Upper Division admission under the same criteria
as that of the CSE Twin Cities students.

Students who apply for transfer from other institutions are generally
considered under different criteria for admission when applying directly
to Upper Division. Consult CSE’s transfer admission page for more
information, or contact ECE Undergraduate Advisor Frances Wood,