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Office for Vice President of Research
New discoveries build on previous research as well as fueling further investigation. Often, the discovery process involves sharing materials and data with researchers at other institutions and a legal agreement is required. Such agreements, known as un-funded research agreements, help to promote collaboration and advance scientific discovery while ensuring the protection of the university’s intellectual property.

Office of Business Relations
Consider the Office of Business Relations your front door to talent, training and technology opportunities at the University of Minnesota. We’re here to help you access the resources and services your business needs to be successful. Contact us today at or 612-626-3438 (866-436-0012).

Office for Technology Commercialization
The University of Minnesota has a long, proud history of innovation & discovery, and our office works to get the revolutionary technologies that result from this research into the hands of the public. We understand each stakeholder has specific needs. To best respond to those needs, we are organized into industry groups, ensuring we have the right knowledge and experience at the table: Agriculture & Horticulture; Engineering & Physical Sciences; Life Sciences; Software & Information Technology; Venture Center (start-ups)

Academic and Corporate Relations Center
The Academic and Corporate Relations Center (ACRC) builds connections between the global business community and the University of Minnesota's vast network of expertise, technology, and talent. ACRC consistently develops and implements innovative strategies to engage, collaborate, partner, and support companies world-wide.

Nano and Microsystem Applications Center
Nano and Microsystem Applications Center (NMAC) carries out basic and applied research focused on advanced nano and microsystems development through interdisciplinary partnerships between academic faculty and industrial/government researchers.

Office for Business & Community Economic Development  
The Office for Business & Community Economic Development contributes to the economic growth and development of Minnesota communities through successful collaboration and partnerships with government, private enterprise and community organizations.

Research Machine Shop
The University of Minnesota CSE Shop can design, fabricate, weld, and repair prototype and scientific research equipment. We can provide on-site inspection, estimates, consulting, machining, welding, repairs, and electronic/electromechanical design and fabrication. Call for more information, or stop by to see our three facilities. You can also send us your drawings for an estimate. Contact Email:

University of Minnesota CSE Machine Shop, Physics
116 Church Street SE, Room 30,
Minneapolis, MN 55455.
Jon Kilgore - Managing Research Engineer - kilgo001 at - (612) 624-4328
Ron Bystrom -Shop Foreman - email bystrom002 at, - (612) 624-7048
Fax (612) 624-4578

University of Minnesota CSE Shop, ME
111Church St SE, Room 2-134 ME
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Mike Jensen - Managing Research Engineer - mjjensen at - (612)-625-2062
Bob Jones - Shop Foreman- jones018 at - (612) 625-0549

University of Minnesota CSE Shop, St. Paul
Geoff Harms
21 Bio Science Center
1445 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone (612) 625 9754
Fax (612) 625-2288
harms002 at

Corporate Volunteer Mentors and Sponsors 

Mentor Program
The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) (formerly Institute of Technology) Mentor Program matches current science and engineering students with professionals in technical fields. These volunteer mentors help students prepare for the transition from the academic environment to the professional world. CSE's award-winning program has connected thousands of students and mentors since its inception in 1991. To learn more about the CSEs mentor program, please click here.
  • Developing project ideas    
  • Mentoring project teams/individuals  
  • Sponsoring projects            
  • Judging project evaluations
Contact Prof. William Robbins, Department Associate Head at or 612-625-6722.

Senior Design Show Corporate Sponsor Guidelines (link to pdf EE 4951 Sr. Design Projects Guildelines for Corp. Sponsorship)

ECE Classroom Speaking
Every semester, ECE invites electrical and computer engineers working in industry into the classroom to talk about what it is like to be a "real" engineer. Students enjoy the perspective that only people working in the field can provide to the theory-laden world of the classroom. If you are interested in sharing your excitement of being an electrical or computer engineer while communicating the role classroom theory plays in being an engineer, please contact Roopa Sukumaran Berzins , 612-624-2285.

ECE Senior Design Show Judging
During an afternoon at the end of each fall and spring Semester, ECE and Mechanical Engineering (ME), host a Senior Design Show to highlight student projects completed in EE4951 and ME4054. Volunteer judges from the ECE and ME departments and from business and industry observe the displays, ask questions of the students and rate the projects. The judges have the opportunity to enjoy student creativity, innovation and conversation. If you would like to be a Senior Design Show Judge contact Sonya Johnson, 612-625-2855.

Industrial Advisory Council
ECE's Industrial Advisory Council provides feedback and guidance to the department and helps enhance ECE's relationship with industry and our alumni. Activities of the Council may include providing an industrial perspective about curriculum, graduates and broader issues.

Sponsors and collaborating organizations
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is a proud partner with many international collaborators, industry sponsors, educational institutions and government sponsors. We are honored to be the recipient of both research grants and partnerships. From problem solving to breakthroughs in research, ECE partnership successes happen in an open atmosphere of collegial respect and collaboration. Click here to see a list of our industry partners.  (Create Page from Anastacia Lists of corp sponsors 2008-now)

For a flier with complete information about collaborating with ECE, please click here. (link to pdf)


Opportunities for Support

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