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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Looking for forms?
All forms have been moved to the ECE intranet site. Click here.
TA Form link is on the Graduate Student page under "Graduate Handbook." Click here.

ECE Computer Support
2-130 Keller Hall
Need commputer help? Click on the link above. 

ECE Depot 
2-126 Keller Hall
     • ECE Electronics Parts Catalog 
     • DigiKey   (
            Order your parts through the ECE Depot for an ECE student discount.  
     • Use your Gopher Gold when purchasing parts at the Depot

ECE Intranet
A password login site for
ECE faculty, students and staff.

ECE Phone List
Quick guide for faculty and staff 
office and phone numbers, and email

ECE Project Consultation
2-126 Keller Hall
Dan Dobrick offers project help with:
     • Designing simple circuitry
     • Repairing support equipment
        Email Dan Dobrick ( for more information.

ECE Electronics Shop
2-132 Keller Hall
The Electronics Shop provides electronics support and equipment maintenance as well as technical assistance. The Electronics Shop diagnoses and resolves system software application program problems. Assistance is provided in diagnosing computer and peripherals hardware problems. If you require technical assistance for hardware issues, email Jim Aufderhar (

ECE Printed Circuit Board Shop
 2-132 Keller Hall
The Printed Circuit Board Shop produces circuit boards upon request. If you require a printed circuit board, please go to Room 2-132 and compete the form. Single- or double-sided boards can be produced. Turn in your form to Room 2-132 and a board will be produced for your specifications within four work days. Email:

CSE Machine Shop

The CSE Machine Shop designs, fabricates, welds, and repairs prototypes and scientific research equipment. The Shop also provides 3D printing services. Customers can visit the shop or send drawings for estimates. Please contact us at

More information about the CSE Machine Shop equipment, 3D printer, hourly rates, and examples of shop work can be found at the CSE shop website.

University of Minnesota - CSE Shop
Mechanical Engineering Building, Room 2-134 ME
111 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Mike Jensen - Managing Research Engineer - (612)-625-2062
Ron Bystrom - Shop Foreman - (612) 625-0549
Bob Jones - Shop Foreman - (612) 625-0549