The Psychic Boom
by Otto Schmitt

We are all very familiar with the load and even destructive "boom" that occurs when an aircraft or missile moves through the air faster than the speed of sound, pushing the air aside and leaving a void which the air rushes from all sides and collides with itself, creating an impact that can be heard for miles. Why has no one looked for the analogous miniature "boom" that should occur if telekinetic phenomena do indeed cause physical objects instantly to appear, disappear, or move by some finite distance?

Does the appearing object move the air out of its way before taking the place of the air? If so even a pencil- or spoon-size void would make a loud bang. Does the object materialize among the air molecules and have to "digest" them? This would be hard for even the most extraordinary of solid metallic objects to accomplish and would require infinite accelerations and associated forces.

Short of accepting an hypothesis of aerodynamics (or hydrodynamics when the object is under water), how can we intelectually allow psychically induced motions to occur with a minimal fracturing of the laws of physics?

If we consider the perceptive imagery built out of visual or auditory or other biologically received information as being projected, so to speak, onto the mind's imaging screen, then these images become the reality we recognize. Telekinetic and other unfamiliar paranormal experiences, then may exist as reality in the domain of imaged perception as an alternative to existing in the physical world; thus they are indistinguishable from other reality. This raises new problems, but allows us to seek out the "psychic boom" as one of many examples of first-order evidence that there is another working model of reality.

From "Artiflex", the journal of the Archaeus Project, Vol. 5, No.2 (May 1986)
Submitted by Dennis Stillings

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