by Edith C. DeClue

When we were little I remember how much Uncle Otto liked Grandpa (his father) *Dust Janes?*. And he used to enjoy coming for Christmas every year. Our Grandma looked forward to him being with the family.

He had one room in the building which was called "Uncle Otto's Room". There he did experiments and other things scientists did.

Later he and Aunt Viola used to call my mom every Sunday. She loved to talk and listen to him. After she passed away in Oct. 1992, the called me every Sunday. We talked about what they had done that week and were going to do the next week and asked me what I was doing. He really enjoyed to shop and he loved to cook. He told me what his favorite foods were. He also told me I should take Vitamin E as he did, which I still do.

And I remember that sad Sunday morning when he called and told me that he had found Aunt Viola had passed away during the night, March 1994. We cried together, he still continued to call me. I knew he would be lost without her.

I sure do miss him and his calls. He was a very brillian and kind man. I'm thankful he was my Uncle Otto.

Submitted by Edith C. DeClue

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