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Since 1935 my scientific efforts, while widely diversified and often multidisciplinary, have almost always had within them an element of what is now being called Biomimetic Science and Technology. I am confident that a major new quantitative life-based science is emerging which directly, rather than indirectly, seeks its algorithmic mathematical foundations, its discoveries and its analogical applications by emulation of life principles accessible to us via perceptive consciousness insight, rather than by second or third generation laundering through conventional physics, chemistry or other physical sciences that often lead us to conflicting and confusing images of thought. Early applications of this Biomimetic thinking were productive: the cathode (emitter) follower circuit; the differential amplifier; the differentiator and integrator circuits; the computer rotatable three-dimensional stereoscopic cathode ray presentation; the heat pipe; the H transforms and the negative and positive resistance, inductance, capacitive synthesis methods, to name a few. More recently the theory and application of vector point function Transfer Impedance principles to Vector Cardiology has given us the tools of Stereovectorelectrocardiology and so-called focussed Bioelectrode arrays. A family of Biomimetic sensory transducers, including Thermodes and Filar electrodes, is springing up. The emergence of Bivalent Logic computer designs as well as the newer concepts of Interpenetrating Domain Topology for computation and control, offer high promise for the Artificial Intelligence field. Currently, designs and instrumentation are developing for phase-lock-loop control and measurement in humans and in medical imaging with promise for Biofeedback and Feedforward Therapy. The Whole Life Personally Portable Medical Record is becoming available; multivariate strand epidemiology for optimized diagnosis and therapy; the new technology of quality of life characterization by Santosha index and its enhancement utilizing mental reprogramming techniques are under investigation. Intriguing insights into advanced health concepts are emerging through our participation in the Archaeus Project and the informal MIT, Harvard, Minnesota higher mind-brain modeling studies...

Otto H. Schmitt

Supplied by Ken Young
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