First Impressions
by Tom O'dea

I first met Otto in the summer of 1977 when I was asked by the U of MN. Hospital to help commission the clinic building, the Philips-Wangensteen (unit B/C) building. One problem area was the EKG area, an area that Otto had been interested in. Instead of using RF mesh, solid plates had been used for shielding, a method I had never seen before. I called Otto and asked to see him to talk about this. He was as many have mentioned, very cordial, and he invited me over to his *"Quonset Hut"*.

What an experience! First I met Viola, who took my "mug shot" and entered me in Otto's Log Book! Otto greeted me and sat me facing a WWII vintage radar controlled 5 in. naval gun (I recognized it from my service days). We got into a spirited discussion about the very low frequency naval communication facility for submarines in Wisconsin. As we talked, I asked him if he placed all of his visitors "under the gun". He laughed and we resolved our technical issues. We always had a great time.

I admire Otto's practical application of theoretical principles and I think it is a legacy of Otto that the U of MN Biophysical Science Department excels in that area. Otto encouraged my return to school. I visited him at Lakeridge and still saw a spark of his interest and cordiality.

Submitted by Tom O'Dea

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